Thank You


We want to thank everyone who helped with preparing for our All Souls Day celebrations. A Big Thanks to John and Claudia Lopez who organized the Mass at Anahuac Cemetery. We appreciate everyone who cleaned the cemetery the Saturday before the Mass, Roy Gonzalez, Alex and Violanda Mascorro and their choir members, Juan Ramirez and Family who provided the meal after the Mass and all others who attended or helped in any way.

We also want to thank Toby and Susie Espericueta and Juanita Borrego and Lupita Garcia for setting up and decorating the Altars of Repose in La Villa and Edcouch. They are very beautiful!

And last but not least, we want to thank the office staff for all the hard work they did in preparing the All Souls Day candles, the prayer cards for visiting a grave and the card listing the names of those whose funerals were celebrated at our parish and mission.