Catholic readings for Saturday, September 2, 2023


First Reading: 1 Thessalonians 4:9-11

In this reading, St. Paul encourages the Thessalonians to live quietly and to earn their own living. He tells them that this is the best way to show love for one another and to earn the respect of outsiders. He also reminds them that Jesus will return one day, and that they should be prepared for his coming.

Responsorial Psalm: Psalms 98:1, 7-8, 9

This psalm is a song of praise to God for his victory over death and sin. It calls on all people to rejoice and sing to the Lord.

Alleluia: John 13:34

This verse is from Jesus' farewell discourse to his disciples. In it, he tells them to love one another as he has loved them. This is the greatest commandment, and it is the foundation of all Christian life.

Gospel: Matthew 25:14-30

This parable tells the story of a master who entrusts his servants with different amounts of money while he is away. When he returns, he rewards those who have used their money wisely and punishes those who have not. This parable teaches us about the importance of being faithful to God with the gifts he has given us.

The readings for this Saturday focus on the importance of love, work, and faithfulness. They remind us that we are called to love one another, to work hard, and to be faithful to God in all that we do. These are the essential building blocks of a Christian life.

How can we apply these readings to our lives?

Here are a few ways to apply the readings for this Saturday to our lives:

  • We can show love for one another by being kind, compassionate, and forgiving. We can also show love by helping those in need and by working for justice in the world.
  • We can work hard by being diligent in our studies or our jobs, and by always striving to do our best. We can also work hard by being generous with our time and our resources.
  • We can be faithful to God by praying regularly, attending Mass, and living according to his commandments. We can also be faithful by being honest, just, and merciful in all our dealings with others.

The readings for this Saturday challenge us to live lives of love, work, and faithfulness. By following these principles, we can build a strong foundation for our Christian life and prepare ourselves for the coming of the Lord.